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Bees Supplies

8-Frame Langstroth Hive

Langstroth hive is the standard hive used in the US. This product includes the super, hive body, entrance reducer, queen excluder, frames and beeswax foundation.

10-Frame Langstroth Hive

Similar to the 8-frame hive except it can house 10 frames per box.

Hive Top Feeder

This is used to provide syrup or water to your bees, as well as medicating them. It is better to use hive top feeder than entrance feeder so that you don’t attract bees from other hive. Moreover, hive top feeder has bigger capacity, which means lesser top up frequency.

Toolkit for beekeeping

Get everything you need to handle your bee colony in a single bundle. It includes the essential smoker and fuel, hive tool, frame hanger, uncapping tool etc.

Entrance Reducer & Mouse Guard

This is a 2 in 1 entrance reducer and mouse guard. You can use it to defend your hive against robber bees and mice.

Bee Suit

I recommend you to get coverall style bee suit instead of those with separate shirt and trousers. It comes in 1 piece, which means less chance of entry point for the bees.

Bee Quick

You will need this for harvesting the honey in the super.

Fume Board

Fume board is used for harvesting honey. Simply apply Quick Bee on the fume board to chase the bees away from the super so that you can remove it from the hive.